What in a Reflux Wedge Pillow?

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Published: 17th January 2011
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Are you aware that because of the newborns and infants' delicate tummies, it made them highly sensitive to develop stomach reflux symptoms? Poor feeding, some formula milk and lying supine right after feeding can contribute to such reflux. More often than not, infants who are suffering from this condition tend to spit up after feeding. Other symptoms include inconsolable crying, poor weight gain and sleep disturbances. Reflux wedge pillows help ease the pain symptom by correcting the reflux problem. It is a specifically designed pillow for newborn baby reflux. Most parents who used this special pillow for their babies found favorable outcome. If the baby is prone to get colic, this is one of the perfect solutions to be tried.

So, how does this exceptional head support works?

A reflux wedge pillow is a convenient answer for a newborn baby's reflux. It is accessible world wide, even online.It allows proper positioning for babies during feedings. It essentially improves colic and newborn acid reflux. Besides newborns, adults can take advantage of this pillow as well. However, they come in a more complex design.According to experts and manufacturers, positioning the infants on their left side can greatly reduce the pressure in the abdomen area thus alleviating the symptoms of acid reflux. Upright positioning is also necessary in order to prevent regurgitation by the use of gravity. The reflux wedge pillow is especially designed to make this possible. It helps elevate the head of the baby in comfortable mattress.

When the baby is laid down in the wedge pillow there's no need to worry of rolling down because it is slightly curved. Some reflux wedge pillows have safety harness so moms can freely do house chores without much worrying about because the baby's sleeping peacefully after feeding. Many reflux wedge pillows come in different colorful catchy designs, to attract and stimulate your baby's sight. It also has blankets to keep baby warm. Some reflux wedge pillows come with a comfortable sling so you can carry your baby anywhere you want, comfortably. It reduces strains also for moms who need to carry their baby around frequently.

Typically, as soon as the newborns' digestive system has fully matured, their reflux condition will spontaneously go away. Although it is normal for babies to suffer occasionally from reflux due to their digestive sensitivity, prompt treatment is needed to address the concern. It can cause a great deal of discomfort if left untreated. The wonderful thing about reflux is that, it significantly helps babies improve colic, alleviate pain and allow babies sleep comfortably. It is highly important for moms to keep babies comfortable as their first priority because it contributes to the overall well being of their child. Constant crying will have later effects in life as the baby continues to grow. When babies are comfortable, moms are relieved. Good bonding experience is also favored in wonderful ways.

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