Ways To Recover Gold From Junk

Published: 29th March 2012
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Today, there's an increasing number of people who definitely are struggling to seek out other means to secure their finances due to the unpredictable economic stability and increasing cost of living. Luckily, among other industry, gold trading is not influenced by the economy and it made more people getting involved in gold trade. In fact, most investors are now investing more on gold compared to any other financial investment like treasury bonds, stocks, etc. Why is it so? – Perhaps because almost all modern gadgets that the whole world is dependent upon nowadays make use of gold. And considering the fact that these gadgets quickly becomes obsolete from rapid product development, this means a lot of these items are thrown away on almost daily basis. This is a good opportunity to make an alternative business in your own backyard!

Only some individuals are aware that old computers, mobile phone devices, wire connections, and other obsolete gadgets contain precious metals if collected can be sold and make extra profit. Very commonly, several of these home items which contain recoverable scrap gold are merely being thrown away or left stacked inside boxes in the dark corners of their attic and car port, thus occupying usable space and making their environment look untidy. Luckily for people who are willing to spare time to collect these junks, they could buy them at a very small sum of money or perhaps ask them for free of charge from their friends, neighbors, and relatives. Then with a minimal effort, time and work space, this simple activity can turn into a profitable hobby or even a full-time business. Now to assist you to begin in this endeavor, here are some tips that you may find helpful in recovering gold from specific items that you may have.

Old Laptop/Computers – Although different brands and models may differ from one another, what you may basically need to get are the gold contained in the chip processor, CD drive unit, and laptop adapter expansion. The CD drive unit has gold in its circuit board, ribbon wires, and other connectors. You will get gold from its laser diode. You can get them by prying open using common tools like cutters, screwdrivers, etc. Laptop adapter expansion card have precious gold which you can find at the circuit board and contact pins. Get them by prying it open with the use of wire cutter. You can also extract palladium or platinum and other less precious metal like copper and aluminum from the junk item, so don’t just focus on getting gold; make the most from it.

Cell Phones – Open the unit and remove microphone, speaker and also other metallic brackets. What you need to get would be the board where gold is located. Other parts may also be gold plated which you can extract by yourself using special chemicals or just simply sell your collected parts that contain gold to a refining company.

There are many other electronic gadgets that contain gold which you'll be able to extract. Other items like old dentures, broken jewelries, commemorative pins, buttons, etc. can also contain gold that if collected, can be converted into cash. Knowledge concerning the right way to extract gold with alternative methods like scratching and the use of chemicals can be learned from e-books and online tutorials. You could setup a workshop so that you could refine gold on your own if you have enough space at your backyard however, you can just collect parts which contain gold and sell them to gold refinery in any case that you have limited space. Selling gold scrap is an alternative way to earn money as well as help conserve our resources naturally and protect environment.

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