Watching For Signs Of Stress In Your Dog

Published: 30th March 2012
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Dogs like an ordinary man can also feel stressed once in awhile. They also have varying degrees of anxiety levels. Some dogs can easily get restless and nervous with simple things like a car horn or a loud knock on the door. In order to solve the issue, it is crucial for dog owners to determine the factors causing the dogs to be alarmed. By carefully examining the dog's body language, one can easily recognize if there is something wrong. In this article, we will learn the different signs that will us that dogs are stressed.

Dog's Eyes
Look at your dog's eyes from a distance. It is normal to see the white part of the dog's eyes. However, if you cannot see the white anymore and you observe that the eyes of your pet are bloodshot red, then you can tell that your dog is indeed stressed. In canine, the adrenaline reflex shows in red eyes. It is part of the reflex known as the fight or flight reaction. Also, dogs that blink and squint deliberately may signal that they are mildly stressed.

Ear Carriage
Pay attention to your dog's ear. Know what is normal and abnormal. A dog may be experiencing mild stress if his ear's carriage is higher than normal. However, this is not applicable to Low ear floppy-eared dogs because their ears are always carried low.

Excessive shedding
Similar to snakes, dogs can shed as well. In most breeds, shedding is normal. According to experiment, nearly all breed shed their puppy coat. It usually takes place before they grow their adult double coat. Though, shedding is a natural process, many dogs also shed because of stress. If you want to adopt a dog, make sure that your home is a stress free locale because tension and stress can also cause unhealthy shedding.

Damp Paw Prints
Many people when they are fearful experience sweaty hands. This is also evident with dogs. If they get anxious and nervous, they can have damp paw prints. This is unhealthy.

Genital Licking
You may think that it is funny to see dogs licking their genitals. Dogs lick their reasons for various reasons. Of course, they lick it for sanitary purposes. Aside from that, the behaviour can turn up as a defense mechanism known as displacement. The dog takes out the frustration and anxiety to a less threatening object like a body part.

Do not think of a growl as something harmful. Not all growls are bad. We have this notion that bad dogs growl. Possibly, it is because of the terrifying experience we associate with growling. Did you know that your dog may growl because he is actually warning you? Your dog can be very discomforting or probably he is feeling threatened, the only way he can tell you his sentiment is by growling.

Loss Of Appetite
Loss of interest in food can signify depression. Monitor your dog's eating habit. Also, care about the recent events that took place, for instance, an arrival of a new pup or baby. These incidents can cause the dog's appetite to subside. Aside from loss of appetite, observe your dogs for symptoms like lethargy and vomiting. It is best to seek medical attention because your dog may not be receiving adequate nutrition and it detrimental for your dog's health.

We need to understand that dogs also have feelings. They feel stressed and frightened too. It is important that we know the different warning signs that will tell us that dogs are experiencing stress. At times, after the dog has given us several warnings, a bite is imminent. Therefore, these warning signs should not be ignored.

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