Unisex Wear For Babies - 4 Things You Should Be aware of

Published: 14th September 2011
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Definitely, every one in the family is excited to identify the sex of the newest member of the family. According to most obstetricians, the sex of the fetus is recognizable as early as 20 weeks of pregnancy. By that time, the pregnant mom is on her five months of pregnancy. For sure, although she is still on her four months or under, she is already preparing for the newborn's birth. Excitement and fear of the unknown are common to soon to be parents. For soon to be moms who are still clueless on their baby's gender, here are tips on how to choose and buy the right baby apparel.

Unisex Wear

Unisex garments refers to the pieces of clothing and accessories that suits the male and female genders. Buying unisex newborn outfits is a delightful approach to prepare for your baby's coming though you are still clueless on the exact gender of your baby. Newborns are fortunate because they will look attractive and darling given any type of garments. For example, a female baby still look endearing in green and blue garments and baby boys still look cute in yellow.

Shop First The Essentials Followed By The Non Essentials

Just like shopping in groceries, you ought to be taught how to prioritize your baby shopping itemize. It is recommended that you shop first the essentials then the non essentials. The essentials are the newborn's hats or caps, mittens, socks, one-sies, cotton shirts and cotton chinos. Infant hats or caps are exceptionally important. It helps provide warmth to the child's head. Also, following birth, the fontanel or the soft spot found on the newborn's head is not yet completely closed and it very delicate. It is important that you guard your baby's head by putting the right size of hat. The other essential garments and pieces of clothing are important to keep the baby warm and to prevent draft.

The non essentials are those clothing that babies can live without. Examples of non essentials are sweaters, jackets and overalls. You can even buy the sweaters and jackets following the newborn's birth. But if you are exhilarated to buy, just make sure that you decide on a neutral color. For example a denim blue jacket will look good in any gender.

Do Not Choose Gender Specific Styles And Designs

When choosing unisex apparel, you ought to consider not just the color but also the prints and design. Avoid picking gender specific prints like princesses or action heroes. You can opt for a more common theme like wildlife, alphabet and figures.

Be Prudent

If you are considering having more than one kid, you might as well buy unisex baby clothing. Who knows after a year you will conceive again and give birth to a boy or perhaps another girl? You need to be prudent and not just buy items that are all pink or all blue.

Pick out The Appropriate Size

Pick variety of sizes not just small sizes. Babies grow fast. In just a matter of weeks your newborn will double her birth size. Also, you truly don't know, you might deliver a 10 pound baby. Be prudent.

Truly, having a baby is a fun experience. Waiting for the baby's arrival and preparing for the birth is also exciting. Just make sure that when choosing unisex garments, consider the above tips and you will never go wrong. Savor the moment and the experience. Good luck!

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