Things You Need To Know When Selling Gorham Sterling Silver

Published: 28th December 2011
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Want to make money from sterling silver? Definitely, sterling silver is one of the most profitable metals today. One of the oldest and most coveted American manufacturers of sterling silver is Gorham. It started as a small silversmith's shop in Providence, Rhode Island in the early 1800's. Up until now, Gorham is still catering to its thousands of consumers worldwide. One can clearly trail its history with the intricate hallmarks on sterling silver. Knowing what the markings entail can identify an old and rare piece of Gorham sterling silver.

According to the history of this enthralling commodity, the silverware was produced by the Gorham Manufacturing Company in 1831. The company is known to construct quality silverware that even presidents as well as other general historical personalities love their fine silver creations.

Since Gorham Sterling Silver is an exemplary addition to any one's collection, why not use it to make profit? Cited below are ways on how to earn extra cash out of your Gorham Sterling Silver:

Explore And Research For Excellent Finds
As they say, the older the piece, the better. To know if the silverware is rare, check the print for its hallmark. The earliest hallmarks have the years 1831 - 1837 printed on the silver. Commonly, the mark evident in this point in time is Gorham & Webster, as this business was formed because of the remarkable partnership of Jabez Gorham and Henry L Webster. If you have a piece with this kind of print, you deserve a pat at the back, for you own a very old and rare piece of sterling silver. Regularly, the items with this kind of markings are spoons, jewelries and small silver items made within the year 1831 to 1837.

Moreover, there are three marks that you should be aware of in a sterling flatware piece. One is a lion, the second one is an anchor and the third one is fancy letter "G". Look for the "G" markings on silver.

Sale Or Advertise Your Gorham Online
These days, when people want to buy something, they will look online and type the items that they are looking for in the search box. The internet can enumerate similar pages and the searcher will just have to pick which one he thinks is efficient. Almost everyone knows about eBay. Each day, eBay hosts numerous Gorham Silverware auctions with collections dating all the way back to the early 1800s. Also, eBay is favored by many because payments and transactions are generally secure for both the consumers and the sellers. As for people with limited resources, they can bid for the items and wait for the seller to accept the offer. In addition, those who are eager to buy can just preset the price and purchase the items even without waiting for the auction to come to a close.

Besides eBay, one can market in cash for gold and silver websites. In spite of this, be cautious as not all sites are to be trusted. The best way to prevent internet scams is to be informed. Dont act so clean as this is a green light for scammers to prey on you. Before dealing, know how payments are settled and how the items are sent and received. In this manner, you will know if transacting in one site is just a waste of time.

Certainly, the Gorham Sterling silver is one fine piece of metal. It doesnt matter if you're a reseller or a curious collector. Know everything you needs to know about silver. By simply browsing the net, you will discover how profitable this kind of silver really is.

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