The Relevance Of Colon Cleansing

Published: 18th February 2011
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What is a Colon Cleanse?

The colon is part of the digestive system that is described as a hollow organ that is approximately 5 feet in length. It plays an important part in eliminating the waste and toxic materials in the body, as well as re - absorption of water and some electrolytes. Colon cleanse is a way to accurately clean your large intestines. It has been practiced by the Greeks since time immemorial. Meanwhile, the Americans has been practicing colon cleansing since the early 1900's. There are basically two ways of cleansing the colon - per oral and per rectum. Ingesting supplements in power and liquid form of laxatives and strong herbal teas and fiber are considered useful in cleansing the colon. On the other hand, when cleansing the colon per rectum there are colonics and enemas that are usually facilitated by a naturopathic. Both ways have the same effect, to help the colon expel its content.

Why is there a need to clean the colon?

Most people are fond of eating foods that are high in sugar and fats but low in fiber content. Processed foods are not eliminated as efficiently as food high in fiber. Typical Americans consume 10-15 grams of fiber in a day. An ideal intake of fiber should be 20-35 grams per day. More so, that a lot of people will just eat whatever they can get, without noting the proper combination of food, thus resulting to putrefaction (the process of decay or rotting of food inside the gastrointestinal tract). Therefore, with the heedless eating habits that many people have, a regular cleaning of the colon is warranted.

How does it help the body?

Based on the theory of autointoxication, which is the belief that undigested meat and other foods cause mucus build up in colon, that eventually produces toxins, and later on reabsorb by the body resulting to body poison. These toxins causes symptoms such as headache, fatigue, chronic muscle pain, weight gain and low energy. The idea of re-absorption of toxin is supported by the fact that rectum readily absorbs suppository medicines.

So the intention of colon cleanse is to eliminate the large intestines from inactive, toxic waste encrusted in the colon walls. Colon cleanse, by way of high fiber content, or stimulation to increase motility of the large intestines, increases the rate of elimination of wastes clogged up inside the colon. If wastes are removed consistently, build up of toxins and autointoxication is avoided. A colon free from accumulated toxins and mucus plug enhances the absorption of some nutrients needed by the body. Without it, numerous inflammatory processes caused by them will not occur. Diseases triggered by its accumulation in the body can be prevented as well. Moreover, when the body absorbs the nutrients needed by the body, most body system and organs will benefit from it and consequently the person is no longer prone to have colon cancer.

Is colon cleansing effective?

If done correctly, cleanse is effective in facilitating elimination of toxic wastes. Most of these colon cleanse are high in fiber. High fiber diet will add bulk to the formed feces in the colon, which in effect, distended colon stimulates bowel movement. Colonic or enemas, work by flushing out wastes with the use of water or liquid concoction. It increases the transit time of undigested food thus limiting the colon from toxic build up and mucus plug. If the motility of the large intestine is enhanced, Putrefaction is prevented. In effect, a clean colon enhances the absorption of some nutrients and electrolytes, thus maintaining the vitality of the body. It is worth to note, the efficiency of colon cleanse is improved by drinking at least 2 liters of water a day, consuming foods that are high in fiber contents and regular exercise.

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