Most Loved Dishes - Swiss Diamond Pans' Secret Recipes

Published: 23rd February 2011
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Thanks to the invention of Swiss Diamond pots, any type of foods can now be cooked, fried or sauteed into a perfect and scrumptious meal without having to clean up the messy splatters or burned charcoal . By combining actual diamond crystals with a non-stick nano complex which creates an almost indestructible surface, the Swiss Diamond association has been able to produce exclusive Swiss Diamond pot recipes which everyone can use on their Swiss Diamond cookware.

Breakfast Omelets

Omelets are quick and painless, with Swiss Diamond pots. Preheat the pot and assess for readiness by dashing a few drops of water into the pot. If it beads or sizzles, pour a layer of beaten eggs into it. Once the entire surface of the egg is cooked, you can sprinkle the pieces of ham and sausages or other food that you desire to add . Slide the spatula under then carefully flip the egg, enfolding the extra ingredients. Cover the pot, let it cook a few more minutes, and then gently allow the omelet to slide right out of the pot onto a plate.

Delicious Fried Rice

A big helping of fried rice is good with any meal, notably if it is cooked in Swiss Diamond pots. This easy recipe can be customized according to your preference and taste, though it is advisable to add another egg if adding extra ingredients. Begin by chopping one green onion, then adding two eggs, one teaspoon of salt, four tablespoons of oil, one tablespoon of soy sauce, and four cups of cold, cooked rice.After heating the oil, add the eggs and lightly scramble them. Then slowly stir in the remainder of the ingredients, cook for about fifteen minutes and serve hot.

Pan Fried Fish

Among the many great Swiss Diamond pot recipes is the pot-fried fish. Using non-stick Swiss Diamond pots makes this an almost effortless meal. Take one pound of fish fillets, corn meal or fine bread crumbs, flour, one beaten egg, salt, pepper or any other seasoning, and two tablespoons of olive oil. Season both sides of the fish and in a dish roll the fillets in fine flour. Then dip the fish fillets in the beaten egg and roll them in the corn meal/crumbs. Preheat the oil in the pot and begin frying the fish until all pieces are brown on one side. Once the other side is cooked, flip it over and make sure that it is brown as well. Serve with tartar sauce, rice or your chosen side dish.

Kid's Most wanted

All children like hamburgers and the long list of Swiss Diamond pot recipes includes a burger recipe they will be asking for all the time. Mushroom burgers make a delicious and healthy lunch with minimal clean-up time. While frying the hamburger patties, sprinkle them with salt and pepper, then add garlic salt and red pepper flakes. Stir-fry diced onions and mushrooms in with the hamburgers until they are almost done. Add veggies, shredded cheese and mushroom to the hamburgers and finish by placing the burger in between the toasted buns.

Original Recipes

Try to be original with your recipes. Since anything can be cooked in one of these insurgent non-stick pots, there is no limit to what kind of foods can be perfectly prepared and served without looking like something that had to be pried off the base of the pot. You can be an instant cook with Swiss Diamond pots.

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