Mononucleosis – Symtoms, Treatment and Relapse

Published: 07th February 2012
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There are numerous diseases anywhere. A lot of people are already worried that because of their constant interactions with so many people they shall become at risk to several kinds of communicable and infectious diseases. Shaking hands with another individual, talking, etc are some of these diseases that can be easily acquired. In order to keep healthy, there are plenty of ways you can do. Boosting your immunity system by vitamins and supplements intakes in order to ensure your system in top condition is just one of the numerous ways you can do. One other way to combat diseases is to keep yourself clean particularly your hands. This way you’ll avoid getting illnesses as well as passing it on to anybody.

This is being discussed because monucleosis, one sort of disease will be discussed all throughout this article. Mononucleosis, very normal to teenagers and young adults, is a type of an infectious disease. It is cause by a very vicious virus named Epstein – Barr virus. It can easily transmitted from one host to another because it is very “restles”. People who are younger than 15 yrs old and those that are older than 25 years old when infected by this virus can be very fatal.

Mononucleosis is also what is called as glandular fever and infectious mononucleosis. It can contracted by way of intense kissing, through saliva when you use other people’s drinking glass, eating utensils, towels, etc. Most of the times, the virus could survive for a period of time in your throat. It will become active and you may be able to recognize the symptoms during its relapse.

Here are the various symptoms including rarest of them to help you recognize mono at the early stage.

Swollen groin, armpit and neck glands
Extreme sense of fatigue
Low to high fever
Sore throat that is identical to tonsillitis

Other symptoms (sometimes rare to others)
Swollen tonsils
Muscle pain
Rashes on skin
No appetite
Abdominal and stomach pains
And when checked by doctors, enlarged liver and spleen

As discussed earlier, Mononucleosis is a disease that is caused due to the Epstein – Barr virus. That is why it cannot be treated by taking antibiotics. There also other conventional way of treating Mono but what they do is merely to relieve the signs and symptoms of Mono like the aches and pains but not the very disease.

There are now books out there that talk about natural ways, means and methods of fighting mono. It's also very important to have adequate rest and sleep when treating mono. In this sort of infections, it is very useful to have supplements, vitamins and pure water therapy. There have also been homeopathy treatments that are known to be very effective in treating mono.

Unfortunately, there are individuals that can be infected by mono not only once but several times in the course of their lifetime. Which is why these patients can end up having chronic fatigue syndrome too. Experts say that stress provokes mono relapse and we all know that stress turned out to be a part of our lives in this day and age. Strengthening your immune system to protect your body from Epstein-Barr virus is the better thing to do. Once you have been diagnosed with mono you have to be very aware and careful about your health. Consistent exercise, right and balanced diet are your primary source of protection against any infectious disease.

Ultimately Mononucleosis can be prevented by ensuring you are living and practicing a healthy lifestyle. Remember that mono cannot be treated with conventional antibiotics because it is caused by a virus and not just by bacteria. When you are already experiencing some of the symptoms mentioned above go and see your doctor immediately for proper diagnosis. In case you can’t prevent it from entering your system then preventing it from worsening is the next best thing.

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