Introducing Your New Dog To Your Resident Dogs In Seven Easy Steps

Published: 30th March 2012
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Probably you have heard of kids, brothers and sisters fighting over the attention of their parents or a small child developing sibling rivalry when a new baby was brought home from the hospital. Conflicts and competition between siblings is referred to as sibling rivalry. It can be very exasperating to watch. If you're a parent, seeing your kids fight with one another over small things can be very stressful. Did you know that this kind of competition can also happen between dogs? This normally happens when you bring home a new puppy. Your will observe your old dog becoming jealous over your new pet. Having that said, it is important to present properly the new dog to your old dog or packs. How? Here's how you can make things simpler for you and your other dogs.

Take Your Dog To A Park With The Other Dogs
Go for a walk and take your old dogs with you. Go to a nearby park where the other dogs are hanging out. Examine how your dogs gets along with the other packs. Take note and address any belligerent behaviors that your dogs are showing. If there are, it may not be the best time to introduce a new pet in the family. You may want to address first your old dogs' aggressive behavior problems. However, if your dogs are able to get along well with the other dogs, it signifies that they are ready for a new house pet.

Prepare For The Arrival Of The New Dog
Plan and prepare the things that your new pet will need like a bed, crate, food and chew toys. During the first weeks at home, you cannot expect your old dogs to allotment what they have with the new dog.

Before Picking Up The New Pet
Before you bring home a new pet, be certain to visit the new dog at least daily in the center. Bring something like an old blanket from home. This will acquaint your new pet with the odors of his new life with you. Take the item back to your home and let your old dogs smell the bedclothes. This will give them an idea about the smell of the new dog.

Arrival Of The New Pet
On the day of pick up, bond with your old dogs. Embrace your dogs, feed them, and talk to them. When picking up your new pet, wear the same clothes that you wear when you bond with your old dogs. The new dog will smell the odor of your other dogs on your clothes. This will give him an idea of what is in store for him. If possible, have another person drive you home. Do not bring your old packs with you too. This will allow you to bond with your new pet.

Present The Dogs In Neutral Location
Based on studies, dogs are territorial animals. Ensure that you present the dogs in a neutral location like a park or neighbor's front yard so that the new dog will not look like an invader. Each dog must be on leashes and if possible, must be handled by a separate person.

Observe The Dogs When Being Introduced
Briefly, let the dogs sniff each other. This is a normal dog greeting habits. As they are exploring the new dog, introduce the dogs using a happy and friendly inflection. Do not allow them to sniff too long since it can escalate an aggressive behavior. Give positive remarks to your resident dogs if they show good behavior.

Bringing The Dogs Home
If you observe the dogs tolerating one another, it is time to take them home. Depending on the size of the dogs, you can take them in one car or separate cars. Be certain that you have other people accompanying you if you will drive them in one car.

Above are simple ways on how to introduce a new dog to your old packs. Certainly, introducing a dog to your resident dogs is not an easy task. Just be patient and don't give up. If you have problem introducing your dogs, you can contact a professional animal behaviorist for assistance.

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