How to Write an Effective Scholarship Grant Letter

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Published: 29th November 2010
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Are you requesting for funding of your college education? Well, you must be extra-careful in writing your letter for the free scholarship grants you are applying for. Your letter is the first opportunity to introduce yourself and express your intentions to the funding organization. It should let the reader give a birdís eye view of the content of other attached documents for the free scholarship applications. Here are a few tips to guide you.

Introduce yourself well. Indicating your college or affiliated organization as your letter head will be a very good way to introduce your self. In the first paragraph, you can also make a brief introduction together with your intention of needing the funds. If you are proposing a research grant, better include your objectives and the time frame of the whole project. Remember not to sound too overconfident or authoritative even when stating your achievements and qualifications.

Be polite and concise in stating your request for funds. Bear in mind that there are a lot of applicants for a scholarship grant and with just one boastful statement will turn off the reviewersí attention. One way to convince the reviewers is to let them know your future career plans that are in accordance their organizationís mission.

Verify information about the recipient before sending the letter. Small things count and so as the names of the recipient of the letter. This will give a personal touch and may indicate your respect to the reader. Titles or positions are too general. It is best to know the names and surnames of the Board of trustees or directors who will read your letter.

Strike a balance between technical and creative language in your letter. Though, this is for scholarship, still, your language should not sound too mechanical. It should reflect the kind of person you are. However, also be careful not to sound too casual in your letter.

Consider the length of your letter. Donít bore your reader by writing a very long letter. This may irk the reviewer and may just lead to a negative decision. Limit the content of your letter in just one page of the paper. Further, the body should be composed of at least three or four paragraphs. Edit your paragraphs and include only the most relevant pieces of information and emphasize your main points.

Be careful with the spelling, grammar and punctuation. These details contribute much to your overall presentation. Try to proofread for minute spelling and grammatical errors. You may also take advantage of online editing softwares or applications. You may also refer to online free letter templates, if you lack ideas on how to write your letter.

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