How To Treat Wrinkles Around Mouth

Published: 02nd May 2012
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Aging is a natural process. As we reach a certain age, our skin loses its natural elasticity and the skin starts to develop wrinkles. Usually wrinkles develop at the mouth area. Wrinkles can make one look five or ten years older. Aside from aging, other possible causes of wrinkles are excessive sun exposure and limited facial expression. In addition, the most common causes of wrinkles around the mouth area are cigarette smoking, excessive use of straw when drinking and puckering up your lips.

It appears that, there are people who age gracefully. Even at 50 they do not develop wrinkles. Some say that they follow a specific beauty regimen so that they will not develop wrinkles. If you are concerned about your looks and you want to get rid of the wrinkles around the mouth, here are some tips:

Lifestyle Modification
You may do some lifestyle adjustments just in case you are starting to develop line or wrinkles in the mouth area in order to slow it down. If you are not used to wearing sunscreen, better start now. Sun damage can cause wrinkles to develop. There are so many skin products with SPF offered in the market. You can benefit from SPF 15 or greater. SPF can help combat the negative effects of UVA and UVB rays. Quiting from smoking is yet another way to help fight wrinkles. Smoking is harmful not only to the skin but to the other organs as well. Besides, puckering your lips to hold the cigarettes can also increase your likelihood of having permanent grooves around the mouth. Nicotine is the cause of the decreasing of collagen in the skin according to researches.

Homemade Facial Masks
Facial masks are also known to reduce the number of wrinkles around the mouth because it keeps your skin hydrated and plump . Homemade facial masks are easy to make. Using avocado on your face at least twice a week can work wonders. Strawberries can also be used as facial masks. These berries are packed with vitamin c, antioxidants and salicylic acid. They can help improve your skin texture and appearance. It also helps lock in moisture and remove dead skin cells.

Laser Therapy
If you are truly bothered by the wrinkles around your mouth, you can seek medical advice and check if laser treatments will benefit you. There are two types of laser treatments that are used in managing wrinkles. First is known as the ablative laser resurfacing therapy. This type of laser treatment is very intense. More often than not, the recovery time is long and you may need six months to recover. The laser beam destroys the outside layer of the skin or the epidermis. It heats up the dermis, the skin layer below the top skin. This procedure also stimulates the growth of collagen fibers. We all know that collagen help slows down the aging process. The new skin will form as the damaged skin heals. The new skin will appear smoother and tighter than before. With just one treatment, you can see immediate results. Again, the recovery time is longer.

The second type of laser therapy is known as the pulsed light treatment. This one is less intense than the previous laser treatment. It does not harm the uppermost layer of the skin but only warms the dermis. The recovery time for this kind of treatment is shorter.

Wrinkles around the mouth can be very stressful. Thankfully, there are many treatments available today that can help get rid of mouth wrinkles. Consider the above, if you wish to lessen or reduce lines and creases in your lip area.

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