How To Surprise Your Boyfriend And Share Love Quotes To Him

Published: 22nd November 2011
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Quotes are appealing. They are seen anywhere. They are motivational and they help one to focus on goals and aspirations in life. There are so many kinds of quotes. Some quotes are written for education purposes. While others are about devotion, credence and a whole lot more. Each have its own subject and function. Love quotes on the other hand are very fashionable particularly for individuals who are in love, looking for love and those in a romantic relationship.

If you have a boyfriend and you wish to show your affection, you can do it by sending love quotes messages on his birthday or on your anniversaries. Keep in mind that the quotes you disclose must befitting to your feelings and the type of bond that you two share. Of course, it will be irrelevant to send a wrong message. If you wish to awe your special someone with your selected love quotes, here are resourceful ways to share them.

Electronic Cards
Twenty years ago, people are used to sending cards by mail. The trend today is to send cards electronically using a powerful internet provider. They are faster and more practical. You can also choose the pictures and melody that you want to attach to the e-card. You can use templates to guide you. However, personalizing the card is more appropriate especially if you are sending the card to someone special like your boyfriend. Decide on a love quote that you feel will be valued by your boyfriend.

Bake A Cake
If your boyfriend likes your cooking or baking, you can make cakes and pastries. Pick out your most wanted love quotes online. Frost the love quotes in thick toffee or vanilla icing. You can also use different letter-shaped cookie cutters to spell out the romantic love quotes.

Knit Or Hem
Use your talent and make one special sweater or shawl for your boyfriend. This gift is perfect to keep your boyfriend warm and snug especially in a cold windy day. Sew and knit the love quotes in big or small fonts depending on your preference. You can also attach your initials to personalize the sweater or scarf.

Create A Calendar
Calendars are perfect gifts for New Year. To start making a personalized calendar for your special person, choose 12 photos of you and your boyfriend, one for every month. Add one love quote for each calendar month. Indicate a quote accordingly. For April since people are celebrating April fool’s day for this month, you can use John Donne’s quote – “"I am two fools, I know, - For loving, and for saying so in Whining poetry.” As simple as that. Just improvise and you will come up with cool material.

Lovers’ Shirts Or Couples’ Shirts
This kind of shirts are very fashionable among lovers. Instead of the usual L-O-V-E shirts L-O for the man’s shirt and V-E for the lady’s, why not affix some popular love quotes or create your own quotes for a change. You may want to personalize the shirts to make them more unique. It will be so odd to see another couple wearing the same love shirts when you are out in a date.

Love quotes are intended to inspire and to share. Why not inspire your partner and share a couple of great love quotes to him. Just be creative and make sure that the quotes that you choose are contextual. Good luck!

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