How To Stop Fleas From Infesting Your Home

Published: 15th November 2011
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Fleas are dangerous little creatures. Never underrate them. Although they are little, they can bring destruction and great discomfort to animals and human beings. They suck blood from their hosts. They are considered as vectors since they carry certain diseases. Dogs and cats are their favorite victims. Human beings are no different. If there are no animals they can find at home, they will plague any warm blooded animals. Getting rid of fleas on your pet alone doesn’t resolve the whole problem. Based on experiment, in a flea life cycle, only 5 percent of fleas are living on its host. The rest are living inside your house. Simply put, if you want to eradicate dog fleas completely, you need to eradicate flea infestation at home.

So, how do you eliminate dog fleas at home? Cited below are tips:

Vacuum Fleas
The vibrations produced by the vacuum can be so destructful to fleas that they are enforced to come out. That is why you need to vacuum first before you spray insecticides. Once they are out, it will be easier to expose them to the insecticides.

When vacuuming, consider those places where eggs can fall like your carpets, rugs and bedding. Know the life cycle of fleas. Remember that when flea eggs hatch they will become larvae. When fleas become larvae, they can move around because of the hair bristles that are found outside their body. When you vacuum, see that you pay particular attention to areas that are damp and dark like under the bed, rugs, furniture and floorboards.

After vacuuming the entire house, dispose your vacuum bag appropriately. Clear out the cylinder directly to the garbage. Take the garbage outside so that when fleas try to escape, they will not find their way back to the house.

Spray Insecticides
Once you have vacuumed the house, it is time to move on to the next step which is spraying your house with a powerful insecticide. When buying insecticides, be sure that your read the instructions and the label especially the ingredients. The insecticide must contain the ingredient IGR. IGR stands for insect growth regulator. Products with IGR are very efficient against the fleas. When spraying the insecticide be sure to include floor cracks, areas under the bed and cabinets and stairways. Wait for a few days before you start vacuuming again for the insecticides to achieve its maximum effect.

Properly Groom Your Pet
Anti fleas shampoos are available everywhere. Nevertehless, if you are not an advocate of commercial products, you can still use home remedies for fleas. The most conventional home remedies for fleas that you can use for your treasured pet are apple cider vinegar, Dawn liquid soap, Avon’s skin so soft, lavender, tea tree oil and lemon. It is also advisable that you invest in a quality flea comb. This is available in local groceries or pet stores.

Sprinkle Garlic To The Dog’s Meal
Garlic is very powerful in killing and preventing fleas. Adding garlic or brewer’s yeast in your dog’s meal will greatly help in eradicating these fierce pests.

Follow Up Care At Home And Visit Vet Frequently
Regularly vacuum your home to see that your home will be fleas-free. On the other hand, because fleas can develop resistant to insecticides, do not abuse the use of these commercial products. Also, visit your dog’s veterinarian regularly. Your dog’s vet can also give you tips and pointers in grooming your dog properly and how to arrest fleas’ infestation at home.

Fleas are no fun. Consider the tips above and your house will be free from fleas in no time. Good luck!

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