How to Compute The Price Of Scrap Gold Per Gram

Published: 29th November 2011
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Do you have scrap gold at home? Snooping to sell your scrap gold for the maximum price? Gold fillings, broken gold jewelry, dental gold, or gold extorted from an electronic equipment or gadget are some of the common examples of scrap gold or junk gold. If you are ardent, you can earn money from junk gold. To earn the best profit from these gold pieces, you must compute your junk gold prices per gram first. By doing so, you will a better picture of how much you will be able to sell your items.

Find out the worth of scrap gold by calculating it using the current value of gold. The present value of is available from local papers and spreadsheets or any websites that tracks the international market of gold on a regular basis. Keep in mind that the worth of gold changes continually. The standard measurement of gold is troy ounces or 31 grams.

After you have determined the worth of your scrap gold items per gram, divide the price amount by 31.1035 grams. Then, round off the value to the nearest cent. For example. if the present price of gold is $1500 per troy oz, the price per gram is equals to 1000. just divide it by 31.1035, or $48.2260. Round off to the nearest cent and you'll acquire $48.23.

Find a gram scale to acquire the definite weigh of the junk gold. On the other hand, if you have a pile of scrap gold to weigh, it will be best to measure the scrap gold items on a scale that correctly weighs ounces. As soon as you get the weight by ounces, just convert the figures to grams. Take note that 1 ounce of gold is equals to 28 grams of gold.

For a collection of junk gold, sort it out one by one and weight them in groups, according to purity. Separate each scrap gold by grades. In general, gold is described by their karat grade. For example, a gold item is equals to 10k, 14k, or 18k. 24k is pure gold, dont expect to see a gold piece jewelry as 24 karats, as pure gold tends to be very flexible. As a result, most gold jewelries are mixed with other types of metals and alloys to make it sturdy. You can detect the karat grade engraved on the gold pieces. You may also use a magnifying glass if necessary. Check if there are gold plated pieces in your arrangement. Do not include them.

Use the following guide to compute for the gold price. For 10 karat gold, multiply the current price of gold per gram by .4167. For 14 karat gold, multiply the gold price per gram by .5833. For 18 karat gold, multiply the current price of gold per gram by .75 and finally for 24 karat gold, just use the price of gold per gram.

If you feel that the computations are too challenging for you, you can use an online calculatorr. Basically, provide them with the actual weigh of the gold and the karat grade if available. The online calculator can help compute the gold price per gram for you. Once you get the value of your scrap gold per gram, you can now market your items to an online scrap dealer or a coin dealer. The former on the other hand, can give you a lower price for your items. So if you can find a coin dealer who wishes to get your items, you can sell your items to them and they can offer you a better price as compared to a scrap gold dealer.

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