How To Buy And Sell British Sovereign Coins

Published: 31st January 2012
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There are lots of precious metals available from the mints all over the globe, if you happen to be interested in finding a wise investment. One of the most sought after coin these days is the British Godl Sovereign coins. If you have found the right dealer, you can buy the coins in very low premium prices. You may be wondering why the British Sovereign coins are so popular. Here are some of the facts and information about the British Sovereign coins that you might find interesting and you will be able to safely buy and sell theses coins.

The British Sovereign coins are gold bullion coins which has the size of a nickel. At the peak of the British Empire, these coins are minted and struck. In 1816, it first came out and it was considered back then as the "world’s most widely distributed gold coins". The coins are minted in Pretoria, Bombay, Ottawa, Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney. The peak of its distribution was way back in the late 1800s and early 1900s.

The British Sovereign coins are considered by the coin collectors and inverstors all over the world as the most famous coins of all. Because of its historical value, large volume of this coins are continuously hoarded and traded.

History Of The Coins
Under the ruling of Tudor King Henry VIII, the Sovereign coins were first minted in 1489. At that time, Henry VIII needed to gain revenue because his overspending which in result led to the flow of precious metals like gold and silver to Europe .
Henry VIII was accountable for the devaluing of the English money. It was drastically reduced from 23 carats down to 20 carats. The same thing happen to silver coins. The silver coins were sullied of their face value.

Specifications Of The British Sovereigns
In the year 1817, those sovereign coins that are minted remain to the following specifications. 7.9881 is the exact weight of the coins. 1.55mm is the actual thickness and 22.05mm is the diameter. Fineness is 22 carat and the actual gold content is equivalent to 7.3224 grams.

Design - British Sovereign Coins
As you observe the preliminary British Sovereign coins, you will see that it features a shield and crown motif. The following designs feature an image portrayal of Saint George killing a dragon. Engraved in the coins is the illustrious Benedetto Pistrucci. He was back then the chief-medallist at the Royal Mint in England. On the other side, the coins portray the reigning monarch.

Tips When Buying And Selling Sovereigns
You need to be careful when buying and selling coins like the British Sovereigns. The point is, you need to be paid or to get the exact worth of the coin. Be sure that the British Sovereigns that you are buying has been authenticated and graded. This will guarantee you that the coins are true and authentic. Also, be sure to check that the coins are in good shape, encapsulated and graded accordingly.

Always study the market in case you are planning of buying or selling Sovereigns. The premiums are still very low nowadays. Even the stunning Queen Victoria sovereigns can be bought at good market prices. There is a quite small difference between the spot and the melt value if you would observe. Just remember that prices differ by seller and so is the shipping fee. Before buying these precious coins, it is advisable to compare prices with the different traders.

British Sovereigns is one of the most popular coins today. It is stunning and it has a remarkable history behind it. Should you wish to buy and sell these coins, consider the tips above. Research and observe the gold market all the time and see it is good enough to invest on it or not.

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