How Many Jobs Should You Put on a Resume?

Published: 26th May 2010
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Effective resume writing involves writing down all essential information such as qualification, work experience, if any, personal details and contact numbers. It is not essentially important to mention all there is to write. All work experiences do not also contribute positively. Also, mentioning skills and abilities let the employee know what the candidate is capable of.

What not to include though might be a bit trickier for some as it might not be as clear. For example you do not need to list your religious preference, age, negative work history and don't list too many hobbies. There is no need to list your high school education and diploma especially if you have received other higher level education; if you have not, then you can list high school and any diplomas and awards you received.

Another aspect you should not list too much of is short lived jobs. If you have held many positions over the past few years, it can actually work against you if you list them all. The employer might believe you are not trustworthy and will not stay with the company very long. Most positions only need a few years, up to 5 years experience so you need only list what is needed for the position. If more is required, simply list them in brief focusing on those most recent or most relevant.

There is no need to list jobs you had when you first started working, such as McDonald's unless it is the only position you have ever had. Companies prefer to see positions that are similar to what they are looking for that show experience on the part of the employee. Many listed jobs that are short lived, for example 6 months to a year may show instability in that potential employee - in effect working against you.

According to some experts, work experience mentioned in the resume should be recent, as years old experience does not really make a relevant difference, until you don't have anything else to mention. With the advent of technology, job profiles have drastically changed in the last decade, so a work experience in a particular field, on a particular post decades back would not contribute to what a person applies for today.


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