Home Decor Guide - Five Ways to Revive Your Living Room on a Small Budget

Published: 29th March 2011
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It is often said that home is where the heart is. It is where you feel most comfortable and the heart of each home is the living room. The living room commonly reflects the overall feeling of the entire house. It gives the impression of what kind of family is living in the house. It gives the general feeling of being welcomed. House is an extension of the character of the owner. It is where the family sits or gathers together to relax and have a discussion. Besides, the living room is important because it is where guests and visitors are welcomed on their arrival.

A living room redecoration doesn’t necessarily have to cost a fortune. There are available ways in which you don't have to sacrifice three months worth of income or a lifetime of savings. You only have to separate your "needs" from your "wants" and "considerable wants". It is actually easier said than done because there's simply a thin line that separates those three categories. But successfully doing this can make you a lot of money. Classify your furniture or accessories under three (3) categories. These categories can be "for keeping", "for throwing" or "for redecorating".

First things first! Decide on your motif. This is sometimes called as motif or ambiance that you want to achieve. The whole thing will commence from there. Once you've identified your theme, it's all downhill after that. Living room for a big family is different from a smaller family. A couple’s living room is also different from a bachelor’s and/or bachelorette’s living room. There are many great ideas found on the internet and better yet you can hold a family or a couple discussion where you an incorporate all of the ideas that you need. For a family living room, make sure to make good use of necessary points not all the points because the living room could look like a catastrophe.

A couple’s living room is fairly easy. You can balance what he/she needs and wants. Try enlisting all your favorite colors and themes and find the one that you mutually approve off. It’s also great to have the design to be reflective of your combined yet different personalities that will make your living room distinctive.

.Living alone can be lonely at times. When decorating or renovating your living room, make sure to think of interesting and enterprising ways to make your friends want to drop-by your house regularly. You might want to add bulky bean bags or a nice set of book shelf. You can even decorate a focal wall.

Liven up the living room on a budget

Five easy steps to instantly redecorate your living room just remember to never compromise the comfort and well being of your loved ones.

1. Clear off the Clutter - a filthy and messy living room defeats the purpose of a well thought of redecoration. Your living must be kept nice and neat all the time.

2. Create a focal wall - a focal wall is the "center" of a room particularly a living room. Having to focus your design on a bare or boring wall will save you money. This is where you can splash a nice color that compliments the motif of your living room then hang or place equally interesting wall pieces to accentuate. You can also hang clocks and other similar things. This can be the focal point of your theme. Once it's already beautifully decorated, the rest of the room will only need a little touch here and there.

3. Paint your furniture - occasionally all your furniture needs is a gold ole're-touch! Repaint them according to your new living room theme. You could also do your walls if your budget permits. You can add textures or use different handles to accentuate.

4. Experiment and Accentuate - adding pillows is the oldest trick on the book. By just using a different design, style and color of pillowcases, you just add a pop of color in your living room. You can use colors in the same color family shade such as navy blue and powder blue or as long as they match together such as nudes and roses.

5. Work with your budget - again this is easier said than done. When you are already out there with all those fine-looking pieces of furniture and decorations, you can only do so much to control yourself from going on impulse buying. The first thing to do is stay away from costly stores. Look for garage sales or even swap meets. There are valuables there that do not have a tag price of more than $300. You can search the internet for good options and websites that give quality yet reasonable items. Try overstock.Com, crateandbarrel.Com, furniturestorenyc.Com, ebay.Com and amazon.Com. Google has never been this dependable.

If your living room or its furniture and decorations are already collecting dusts or feeds off termites, then maybe its high-time you try and redecorate and make it lively one more time. Include your family or your significant other and you'll see that the experience is excellent!.

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