First Communion - Choosing The Absolute Dress For Girls

Published: 11th November 2011
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The first communion is a very important event for Catholics. This refers to the first sharing of the bread that is a major element in the Holy Eucharist. As Catholic children turns seven or eight, they commonly receive their first communion. This is the average age, although it still depends on the country and culture. Before a child can get the communion, he or she must attend a separate course recognized as the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults or RCIA.

Tradition has been a big part of this special affair. If brides customarily wear white bridal gowns on their wedding day, candidates of the first communion also wear special dresses for the event. Girls wear fancy white dresses to symbolize cleanliness. Their hairs are ornamented attractively with veils or garland of flowers. If you have a child and you are clueless on what dress to buy for this very important event, here are a couple of ways.

Understand The Parish Rules
Every parish has their own set of rules and commands. There are parishes that are so strict that they are not allowing sleeveless dresses. They may or may not disapprove sleeveless dress. It is important that you know their distinctive regulations particularly their dress code requirements before you get your little girl the dress for the event.

Consider Your Resources
Money is a basic aspect to consider. If you are disturbed about your resources, there are inexpensive but beautifully made dresses available in several stores online and offline. Then again, if shopping online, be sure to make your purchases ahead of time because the shipping period can be a problem for you. If for instance, your funds is really limited, you can just recycle any white dress of your daughter and make it fit for the event or you can just rent a dress in your district.

Pick Styles Online
There are so many online clothing stores that sell communion dresses. Take time to evaluate styles, prices and shipping schedules. You can opt from the basic plain white dress or you can choose a white dress with decorations and lash. Some dresses come with a bolero. Do check your parish regarding the dress code so that you know if you are picking the absolute dress for the event.

Order In Bulk
A lot of stores are offering discounts in bulk orders so if your daughter have friends who are also ordering online you can ask their parents that you order in volume so that all of you will save a couple of bucks.

Go for The Right Material
Communion dresses for girls are frequently made of satin, organza, tulle and silk. Pick the one that perfectly fit your little princess. It is best if your daughter can fit the wardrobe so that you will know if the dress has the right fit or if you need a bigger or smaller size.

Find The Right Accessories
The rule is to be as simple as possible. The most common hair ornaments are white veils and flower wreathes. You may want to ask your girl which one she likes.

Many are looking forward to their first communion especially Catholics. If seeking the absolute dress, consider the tips above and indeed your daughter will be ecstatic. It is best if you can bring along your child the next time you window shop so that she can pick out the dress that she likes and you have a good picture of what styles she likes best. Cheers!

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