3 Ways To Encourage Your Kid

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Published: 29th June 2012
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There are several ways to tell if a child has low self-esteem. If a child is becoming very pessimistic or having negative attitude towards others, they may be warning signs that a child has confidence issues. In such case, a child with low self-esteem can find normal school challenges like speaking in front of class or performing in a school play very disturbing. These situations can trigger extreme anxiety and depression for the kid. Encouraging a child and boosting his confidence in any situation is one of the many tasks of parents and guardians. Parents should learn to understand that raising a child to have good self-esteem is very important. Parents are not always with their kids and while their kids are little and still learning the basics, it is necessary to inculcate in them the importance of loving self. Based on examination, those who are raised to have good self-esteem are able to handle both positive and negative emotions, take responsibility and properly deal with peer pressure. Isn't it those are the things parents want for their children? If you are clueless where to start and you to improve your child's confidence, following are effective ways on how to encourage your child.

Remind Your Kid That You Love Him
Some people find it corny to say I love you. But, did you know that these three words are powerful encouragement words. It can change situations. Saying I love you to your child is important. Sometimes, expressing your love through actions are not enough. You need to say it out loud. If your child knows that he is loved, he will have the confidence to face any situation. Be expressive. Hug and tell your kid that you love him and appreciate him. Tell him that he is special.

Give Remarks That Are Positive
A simple "Thank you" or "I'm so proud of you" is enough to brighten up your child's mood. Some parents no longer acknowledge their children's accomplishment and are stuck with the routine of asking their kids to do errands and chores around the house. Remember that kids are expressive individuals. They need to be appreciated. When giving positive remarks, you can show your creative side. You can give positive remarks by leaving post-it notes in his lunch box or by wearing a proud mom shirt for the day. If you cannot think of anything unique to pull off, it's okay. You can simply tell your kid how special he is and how proud you are of his accomplishments.

Listen To Your Kid
It is sometimes better if parents would listen more and talk less. When your child is bothered by something, ask your child if he needs someone to listen to. When listening to your child do not be overly critical. Avoid passing judgement. Be sincere and give your full time and attention. Let your child know that you are always at his side, no matter how bad terrible things are.

Children with low self-esteem will always belittle himself. On the other hand, a child with good self-esteem accepts failure but will not think of himself as a worthless individual. He accepts his weaknesses and he would find healthy means to turn weaknesses into strengths. However, kids cannot do these things alone. They need their ever-supportive parents and guardians. Above are just some of the ways to encourage a child in any situation. Apply these and note that boosting your child's confidence is not a just an overnight ordeal but a lifetime process.
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babiesbase on January 29, 2013 said:
Good article children need constant encouragement, its just finding the right ways to do it.

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